Programs at St Luke's Chapman

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We cherish each child's uniqueness by crafting personalised learning journeys, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive, to nurture their growth with care and professionalism.

Infant Care

6 weeks to 18 months Old

Babies grow and develop at incredible speed, achieving many significant milestones along the way. To help reach these, our passionate educators nurture them every step of the way. Our Nursery learning journeys entices them to explore their curiosity in a safe, creative and supportive environment.

Toddler Care

18 months to 3 years Old

Toddlers are developing a sense of independence and a voice in their world. They become more self-aware through their emotions as they explore their environment. Our Toddlers learning journey promotes a sense of inquiry, wonder and encourages social engagement.

Preschool Care

3 Year Olds

Research shows that play-based learning is supports a child’s development, with 90 per cent of a child’s brain developing by the time they turn five. Our Preschool program is designed to provide curious three year olds with a well-rounded play-based learning experience.

Preschool Care

4 Year Olds

Foundational life skills are pivotal in our Preschool curriculum and underpin the Transition programs we offer our children. The Preschool program celebrates children's individuality and encourages their love of self and learning through innovative and inspiring play-based opportunities.